Sunday, June 25, 2017

Only if you knew

I know you think I am flawed.
That I will slip before I will stand.
That I will lie before I say the truth.
That I will cause hurt before happiness.
But I have to tell you this,
when the time of reckoning comes to the surface,
I will hold all of my heart out for you to see,
and for the world.
That day, you will know and they will know-
for my heart will bleed the colour of your love
and my eyes will scare you for the sheer intensity of my love for you.
You will then come hold me in your arms,
for I will never slip out of them,
I can never lie while in your embrace,
and you will forget every single thing I hurt you with
because when you taste my lips,
they will be scented with your love. 

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