Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tell me how

I need you to tell me, love
That after you left me on the verge of tears that day,
How did you drive back?
How did you eat a piece of that chicken with your friends,
when the first thing I tried to eat made me nauseous enough to pass out.
How did you sip that beer,
when a sip of water was a task for me because I was shaking so bad,
How did you laugh with them,
when you knew I was in a pool of my own tears at home..
How did you not call me,
when you knew I would have it in my hands- waiting for you..
How did you convince yourself that you're a good person,
when you're just an asshole with a nice smile. 


  1. I feel the wrath and disdain. Hope he comes around and realises his mistake.


  2. Thank you so much.
    None of the writings are about my life actually. I imagine people in such situations and write :)